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If you would like to contact APEX, please read our Privacy Policy before sending us any personal information. To contact a department directly just access the relevant Director in the below form. If the form malfunctions please contact us using the email addresses provided below with the email subject line indicating the nature of the request or type of information requested.

• General Enquiries: Contact our Chief Executive Officer or the Director of Operations

• Membership Issues: Contact our Chief Executive Officer or the Director of Operations if you wish to discuss APEX Membership, change your personal information or wish to revoke your Membership. To apply for Membership please use our application form.

• Audit Issues: Contact our Director of Audits if you wish to discuss Audit requirements or to request an APEX Member website audit.

• Dispute/Complaint Issues: Contact our Director of Disputes to lodge any dispute and/or complaint issue.

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• Promotion Issues: Contact our Director of Services if you have any suggestions relating to software provision and/or promotion ideas for APEX.

• Vacancies: Contact our Director of Operations in the first instance.

Unsolicited Emails: Any sending of email for purposes other than those stated above or not related to APEX will be considered as unsolicited email (spam) and appropriate measures will be taken by APEX.

• Be advised that by sending us a message you are in fact agreeing that you have read, understood and accept the terms of the APEX Privacy Policy. Do not send us any personal information if you do not agree with it.

• If you are a spammer considering making use of our forms or sending us an email be aware that we track names, IPs and email addresses that bots use and log them for future comparison and ultimate blacklisting with BotScout.

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