APEX - Association for Positive Ethical eXchange


APEX MembershIp Badge: 1999-2001The Association for Positive Ethical eXchange was formed in November of 1999 as a response to an increasing awareness that many companies abuse the Internet by defrauding the public. They promise goods and services, and collect money for those goods and services, but either do not provide what was promised or provide substandard goods or services without recourse for dissatisfied customers.

Founders Jef Peace, Ellen Zitzelsperger and Rhonda Serong were Administrators for the awards-program ethics organization CEM/CEMA and they believed that, while CEM/CEMA provided good services for the awards community, it did not deal with the full scope of ethics on the Internet. Peace, Zitselsperger and Serong chose to resign their positions at CEM/CEMA and found an organization with a broader scope. That organization became APEX.

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The first few months were difficult. A lot of groundwork was laid but APEX did not fully come together. Several key Directors resigned for various reasons and APEX was left without a Board to guide it. For all practical purposes, APEX ceased to function as an organization.

However, Jef Peace refused to let go of the idea. A year after its debut, APEX was re-launched with a renewed insistence that it had a place in the world. The next few months saw the membership swell and a lot of fine-tuning take place.

Following those few months, a period of transition occurred in which many Directors came and went. This instability left APEX with a loss of focus and a shift of purpose into being an awards-program ethics organization. APEX continued in this manner for some time.

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APEX MembershIp Badge: 2001-2002In July of 2002, APEX got back on track. The organization was re-focused to its original purpose of dealing with ethical issues throughout the entire Internet. A new web site was launched in late 2002 to emphasize the renewal of the original APEX mission.

Disaster struck in early 2003, however, as nearly everyone on the Board of Directors resigned for personal reasons, leaving the organization again without leadership. After this latest setback, founder Jef Peace nearly gave up on APEX and was about to discontinue it. However, he was persuaded to turn the organization over to the one remaining Director, Luuk Francken. Francken was able to recruit a new Board of Directors and rescue APEX from oblivion.

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In the year that followed, the new Board of Directors was able to complete much of the basic work that was necessary for the organization's survival, including completion and ratification of the APEX Charter. This finally assured that APEX had a stable future as an organization.

APEX Membership Badge since 2002Despite the many challenges in its past, APEX now looks forward to a bright future, firmly focused on its original mission as an organization which believes that ethics on the Internet is possible with proper education and where necessary, arbitration.

The current web site was launched in April of 2004 and was given a basic redesign in 2009.


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