APEX - Association for Positive Ethical eXchange


Welcome to APEX (Association for Positive Ethical eXchange.) We are a group of Internet users whose goal is to maintain a standard of ethics in our dealings or associations with all people and organizations which use the Internet to sell, buy or eXchange products and information.

Our mission on the Internet is to increase the credibility and professionalism of all website owners, designers and users, to set ethical standards, encourage professional practices, and promote fellowship amongst Internet users.

APEX exists to promote the ethical exchange of all ideas, goods or services where the Internet is used for the exchange.

APEX reviews websites that apply for membership by a panel of trained and supervised persons and ensures they come under compliance with the specific requirements necessary for our seal of approval. APEX continually monitors those members under the code's edicts.

APEX has developed its own online Library that provides information on copyright, plagiarism, derivative works, fair use, collective works, the Code of Ethics and more.

The APEX Board of Directors constantly strive to improve the standard of ethics on the Internet and Membership conditions for both applicants and Members alike.

International web users will come to trust those sites that have earned our seal of approval as a standard and will have faith that those websites comply with the highest ideals of ethical practices concerning their products and practices.

You really can't afford not to visit all our web pages. We have fantastic links just for you (check out the APEX News pages every month) so enjoy yourself whilst here and all at APEX hope to see you again soon.


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