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Information for owners of Member web sites: The below listed Member web sites are currently undergoing a manual audit reconciliation. Owners will be sent an email from APEX if a Member web site no longer complies with our Membership requirements.

Information for our web site guests: If you find a web site displaying an APEX badge and the web site title is not listed below, the web site is not a valid APEX Member. We would appreciate your using our contact form to send confidential information to our Director of Operations including the address (URL) of where the invalid APEX bage may be located in order we may resolve the situation.

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Australia Australia
Lis Designs - Badge ID: AUS02
Sukh Sandhu - Badge ID: AUS04
Austria Austria
Mond Award Programm - Badge ID: AU04
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Belgium Belgium
Tim's Spider Corner - Badge ID: BEL01
Vie's Inn of Wonders' Awards - Badge ID: BEL02
Brasil Brasil
AWARD - Association for Web Awards Rating and Development - Badge ID: BRA01
Brazil Awards - Badge ID: BRA02
Lupe's Portal - Badge ID: BRA03
Poetic Soul - Badge ID: BRA04
Poetic Soul Award Index - Badge ID: BRA05
Poetic Soul Awards Program - Badge ID: BRA06
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Canada Canada
Canadian Parents Without Partners, Inc. - Badge ID: CAN08
Casey's Celtic Charm - Badge ID: CAN02
mobbing.ca - Badge ID: CAN05
OvercomeBullying.org - Badge ID: CAN07
Visions of Adonai Design - Badge ID: CAN12
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Ancient Egypt on a Comparative Method - Badge ID: EGY01
Hotel Kurfuerst Kamp - Badge ID: GER10
Musik Friedel - Badge ID: GER08
Pemaweb Award Program - Badge ID: GER03
Rudolfs Folksmarch Awards - Badge ID: GER05
Michael's Starz Awards - Badge ID: GER06
Timelines Awards - Badge ID: GER07
Timelines Webdesign - Badge ID: GER09
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Asoft Technologies - Badge ID: IND04
XTVWORLD.COM: TV and Radio Resource - Badge ID: IND02
Marco Brivio Photographer - Badge ID: ITA07
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South KoreaKorea, South
Global Orchid Culture Exchange Association - Badge ID: KOS02
Korea Award - Badge ID: KOS01
SpeedyAdverts - A new chapter in your life - Badge ID: ML02
Luuk's Travel Site - Badge ID: NE03
New ZealandNew Zealand
O.N.Z.C.D.A™ - Badge ID: NZ01 (Note: Currently not accepting applications.)
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UKUnited Kingdom
Business Directory Kent - Badge ID: UK05
Firestarter Pyrography - Badge ID: UK07
MFO: Mitchell Family Online - Badge ID: UK01
Nodus Awards - Badge ID: UK10
Salamanders Young Burn Survivors - Badge ID: UK11
Skywebbuilder.com - Badge ID: UK08
Spiral Pixel - Badge ID: UK12
Sylvia's Snapshots - Badge ID: UK13
Teaching and Learning Resources - Badge ID: UK14
The Extended Craxford Family Genealogy Magazine - Badge ID: UK02
The Purple Moon Award Program - Badge ID: UK16
Welcome to Saltash - Badge ID: UK18
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United StatesUnited States of America
A Star in Alabama - Heatherway Shelties - Badge ID: US06
American Renaissance National Pageant - Badge ID: US60
Annectas Technology - Badge ID: US96
Cadmium Design Studios - Badge ID: US68
Chenoa German Shepherds - Badge ID: US11
desiVastra.com - Home for Ethnic Indian Children's Wear - Badge ID: US16
DocJim s Help Page! - Badge ID: US66
Donna Rose Stewart - Soprano, Voice Teacher, Dancer, Writer - Badge ID: US17
Down Home Harriers - Badge ID: US18
DymunArt Creations - Badge ID: US19
Field Medics Inc. - Badge ID: US20
Fun Tyme Entertainment Awards Program - Badge ID: US21
Irish Country Gifts - Badge ID: US27
JerryD's Site - Badge ID: US97
JMark Afghans - Badge ID: US49
Kevilyn's Komondorok - Badge ID: US73
Keyboards for Christ - Badge ID: US34
Lagoon View Yacht Club - Badge ID: US35
Lancaster's Laughing Place - Badge ID: US36
LongBraid Designs - Badge ID: US41
Matthews United Methodist Church Online - Badge ID: US42
McCartney's Journeys in Genealogy - Badge ID: US44
My Reflections - Badge ID: US25
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United StatesUnited States of America (continued)
Nautical Awards Program - Badge ID: US39
New York Orthodontists - Badge ID: US98
Pelaqita Persians - Badge ID: US55
Poetry From The Heart - Badge ID: US56
Randal's Sanctuary - Badge ID: US59
Rock N' Roll Land - Badge ID: US05
Rolling Thunder Artistic Venue - Badge ID: US63
Roz Designz - Badge ID: US65
Scatacook District - Badge ID: US67
Shiny-Hiney.com - Badge ID: US70
SouthRonaldsay.net - Badge ID: US72
Tandem Associates - Badge ID: US81
This Should Help - Badge ID: US74
Time Keeper Award Program - Badge ID: US28
USS Savage (DE/DER-386) - Badge ID: US88
VanceElderkin.com - Badge ID: US89
War Of Wits Publishing Ltd - Badge ID: US90
White Swan Award Program - Badge ID: US91 (Note: Currently not accepting applications.)
Who's Your Baby? - Badge ID: US01
WM8C's Ham Links - Badge ID: US92
World Paper Currency Gallery - Badge ID: US95
World Wide Web Awards, The - Badge ID: US94

Athough the owners of our Member web sites strive to always have their web sites online, APEX is unable to guarantee viewing continuity this being due to individual server downtimes, personal circumstances and other similar events. Membership list updated June, 2013.

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